Ultimately what keeps long term relationships strong is paying attention to the emotional bond between you. The work of fostering emotional intimacy—which means feeling free to share your feelings without fearing rejection—can be supported by experimenting with some of the practices outlined here.

If anyone googles "Stephanie Adams" they will find that I am the first Playboy Centerfold to come "out" as a lesbian...who eventually married a man and started a family. Is sexuality "fluid", something that is forever changing, never the same? I will elaborate more on that topic...Sexuality is indeed "fluid" and is not so easily defined...It is anything but black and white too, which is probably why the rainbow colors for the flag are appropriately fitting. In regards to why I came out of the closet, why (or if) I went back in, etc., that is quite complex and can be further elaborated upon, but perhaps you can find more answers to your questions once we proceed further...

Counselors who insist on touting reparative therapy for gays typically maintain their own biases regarding homosexuality. They carry these biases into treatment and negatively affect the self-worth and integrity of those they serve. Their insistence in curing gays creates a climate of self-doubt and defectiveness among those they treat.

It is a fact that you cannot visit a city in an instant fashion without knowing much about it. Here, we are throwing some light on the most relevant features associated with GLBTDallas.

Just because gay marriage is not yet recognized in the U.S. doesn't mean that you and your partner are not entitled to the wedding experience of a lifetime. The popular trend in weddings today is the destination wedding. Destination weddings allow you and your partner to celebrate your love in front of the people most important to you, while also giving your guests the chance to take a memorable vacation. While many people are concerned that some of their guests won't have the means to go to a destination wedding, many people feel that by holding the wedding in a far-off locale, they are actually wedding their own guest list, ensuring that only the most important people show up. If you're interested in traveling to unique destinations for your gay wedding, here are some of our top recommendations.

While the sun moves slowly across the sky, the corner of the pyramid casts a shadow of the great plumed serpent Kukulcan. As day wears on and the sun moves, the shadow does also and the serpent begins to slither slowly down the pyramid side.