Yes, I do seem so wonderfully confident in this decision. So was this something that increased as time went on in my relationship? No. I don't ever care what society thinks, as I don't sleep with them, I sleep with my husband.

Many in the religious community are unable to reconcile their beliefs and faith and are reluctant to identify with those who define themselves as being gay. This fact causes many gays to reject their faith or live in a constant state of religious conflict. Years ago, a friend of mine decided to spend a weekend of solace at a religious retreat center. This was to be a time of isolation and reflection. However, her time quickly took on a new meaning. Gay men from churches throughout the country flew into this retreat center. Many of them were board members, elders, and pastors of their congregations. No one knew of their sexual orientation with the exception of the hundreds of Christian colleagues who met at this retreat center to worship together once a year. Every year, these men got together in the freedom of their true identity and worshiped God. They talked with my friend, expressing their sense of liberation and love for the God they embraced. My friend said it was a moving experience as she was asked to join them in their religious services which were filled with energy and passion.

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Disneyland. One of the most magical places on earth has announced not long ago that they will offer their different wedding facilities to heterosexuals and gays alike. Whether you want to be treated like a princess in Cinderella's castle, or a Beauty and the Beast inspired ball, your Disney wedding dreams may just finally come true. And though Disney is not necessarily an exotic locale, there will be something for the whole family. Not to forget that you and your partner are going to support a company that has stood up for equal treatment of gays and lesbians over such a long period of time.